Bake Stone Kit Information

Core Issue:

  • What are the dimensions and part number of the Wolf bake stone?
  • What material is the pizza stone made of?
  • When did the bake stone kit change so that it no longer required the heating element?
  • Part number 812134, 807143, 807142, 802683, BSTONE30, 802681, BSTONE36, 821196, 821197, 823244
  • List of components included with the bake stone kit
  • Instruction sheet 803181


Bake (Pizza) Stone Kit Use and Care Information details the use and care of the bake stone.

Bake Stone Specifications

  • Wolf bake stones are made of pressed cordierite.
  • All Wolf bake stones are 16¾” wide x 14¾” deep x 7/8” (81/100") tall.
  • Wolf bake stones weigh 16½ pounds.
  • There is an additional ¼” lip at the front bottom and top rear of the bake stone.
  • There is no difference between the actual bake stone, regardless of the bake stone kit.
  • Bake stones are interchangeable. The rack it sits on is not interchangeable between ovens. A new rack is needed if changing oven models.
  • The bake stone cannot be used in the SO24TE 24" E Series Oven. The stone is too wide and will not sit correctly on the rack guides.

Components Included with the Bake Stone Kit

  • 802683 (BSTONE30) or 802681 (BSTONE36):
    • Includes a use and care guide, bake stone, bake stone oven rack (802683 only) with fewer and wider tines, pizza peel, and a plug-in style calrod heating element.
    • Replacement components can be purchased individually.
    • The stone can be used in new products, but the heating element and plug are not used.
  • 807143, 807142, or 823244:
    • Includes a use and care guide, bake stone, bake stone oven rack (with fewer and wider tines), and a pizza peel.
    • The bake stone and pizza peel are available for purchase individually and are universal.
    • Bake stone only is part 812134.
    • Pizza peel only is part 808655.

Bake Stone Kit Part Numbers

SeriesBake Stone Part #
R Series Gas RangesA bake stone was not offered with the R Series Gas Ranges.
GR Series Gas Range
  • 821196 for 30" Ovens
  • 821197 for 36" Oven
Dual Fuel Range
Prior to Serial # 16000000
  • 802683 (BSTONE30) (30”)
  • 802681 (BSTONE36) (36”) prior to 16000000
Dual Fuel Range
Starting with Serial # 16000000
  • 807143 for 30” Oven
  • 807142 for 36” Oven
M Series Oven
  • 823244 for 30" Ovens
L Series Built-In Oven
Prior to Serial # 16000000
  • 802683 (BSTONE30) for 30" Oven
  • 802681 (BSTONE36) for 36” Oven
L Series Built-In Oven
Starting with Serial # 16000000
  • 807143 for 30” Oven
  • 807142 for 36” Oven
E Series Built-In Oven
  • 807143

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