Designer (Formerly Integrated) Wine and BW-30 Bulk Wine Storage Drawer


  • Install storage drawers in IW-18, IW-24, IW-30, or IW-30R
  • Need drawers for bulk Wine Storage
  • Bulk Wine Storage drawer for Classic Wine Storage BW-30
  • How many bulk Wine Storage drawers will fit?
  • Where to install bulk Wine Storage drawers
  • Instruction sheet part number 7030126
  • Bulk Wine Storage drawer, part number 7028448, 7028449, 7028450, 7040427
  • Installation instructions for bulk Wine Storage drawers


Sub-Zero Designer Wine Storage - How To Install a Bulk Storage Drawer

Designer (Formerly Integrated) Wine and BW-30 Bulk Wine Storage Installation Instructions detail the installation process.

  • Models IW-18, IW-24, IW-30, and BW-30 will accommodate up to two bulk storage drawers.
  • Drawers must be installed in the lowest or third lowest rack positions.
  • Model IW-30R will accommodate one bulk storage drawer and must be installed in the lowest position only.
  • The bulk storage drawer is not compatible with older 400 series or WS-30 Wine Storage units.
  • Bulk storage drawer is designed to hold larger or oddly shaped bottles.
  • Standard bottles may have different shapes. The neck style of the bottle can impact the number of bottles that can fit in the drawer.
  • To accommodate one storage drawer, remove two wine racks. The storage bin holds fewer bottles than two wine racks.

Capacity for standard bottles measuring 3-1/4" diameter by 12-1/2" tall:


Bottle Capacity









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