648PRO Drawer Dividers


  • How many drawer dividers come with the 648PRO?
  • How many drawers can be divided before needing an additional one?
  • Drawer divider info for 648PRO, part # 0000049, 3414390, 3414400, 7016114, 7016419
  • Can you put drawer dividers in the lower refrigerator drawer of the 648PRO?
  • Can you put dividers in the freezer drawers of the 648PRO?


648PRO models come with drawer dividers to divide produce and make for an easy storage solution.

  • Two long drawer dividers and three short drawer dividers for the top refrigerator drawer come standard.
  • Add up to three more short, 7-3/4" dividers for more compartmentalization.
  • Add up to two more long, 20" dividers and up to six short dividers in the lower drawer.
  • Dividers fit in either the top or bottom refrigerator drawers.
  • The freezer drawers cannot be divided as there is nothing to hold the dividers in place.
  • The more dividers there are, the more compartments there are. However, the space per compartment is less.
  • Part # 0000049 is a set of three short and two long drawer dividers.
  • Part # 7016114 is a single, long drawer divider.
  • Part # 7016419 is a single, short drawer divider.
  • See also, Refrigerator Drawer Divider Accessory Website.

Install Long Dividers

  1. Place the dividers into the position in the drawer by inserting them at an angle.
  2. Push the divider over the middle bump to secure them into place.

Install Short Dividers

  1. Each long divider has three "spines" or "posts" that the short dividers slide onto.
  2. The long dividers can only accommodate one short divider on each "spine" or post.
  3. Fasten the short divider into the fixed position by lining it up onto the slots on the long dividers.

Remove Long Dividers

  1. Long dividers can be removed by lifting up and out of drawer support tabs.

Remove Short Dividers

  1. Lift up and out of supports on the long dividers and sides of the drawer.

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