Wolf Side Filler Trim

Core Issue:

  • Part number 810919, 827609 instruction sheet number 810920
  • List of components included with part numbers 810919, 827609
  • Filler trim kit, part number 810919, for installation of Dual Fuel (DF) Range, GR Series Gas Range, or Sealed Burner Rangetop (SRT)
  • Induction Range (IR) filler trim kit, part number 827609
  • Trim to catch crumbs on the front, back, or side gap of an R or GR Series Gas Range, DF Series Range, RT or SRT Series Gas Rangetop, or IR Series Induction Range
  • If part number 810919 is not available as an accessory for the R, GR, or RT, can it still be used?


Wolf Side Filler Trim Installation Instructions detail the installation process. Dual Fuel Ranges (DF), Induction Ranges (IR), GR Series Gas Ranges, and Sealed Burner Rangetops (SRT) do not require a filler trim kit. If desired, trim kits are available to close the gap between the unit and the countertop next to them.

ProductsTrim Kit Part NumberKit Includes

Dual Fuel Ranges

GR Series Ranges

Sealed Rangetops


2 black trims

2 stainless trims


Induction Ranges827609

2 black trims


  • Individual parts in the kit are not available separately. To get an individual new part, order the entire kit.
  • Stainless steel trim pieces have an anodized aluminum finish to match Wolf stainless steel for Dual Fuel Ranges and Sealed Rangetops.
  • Dual Fuel and Sealed Rangetop trim (810919) also works on RT Gas Rangetop and R Gas Ranges.
  • Use this trim to fill gaps between products and countertops that are wider than 1/8" up to 7/16".
  • The filler trim is 1/2" wide x 23-1/4" long.
  • The trim filler only covers the gap up to the bullnose edge.
  • A filler for the rear of the unit or the front behind the bullnose is not available. Risers fill the area on the back of a product.
  • Other material may be used as a filler if desired. Wolf does not have specifications or suggestions when using a different filler except silicone is not recommended for use as a filler, as the unit needs to be easily removable if needed.
  • See also, Gap Between Burner Pans and Bullnose.

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