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  • Libby Palmieri

    Libby Palmieri

About Libby Palmieri

Libby Palmieri (born August 8, 1971) is an interior designer in Cleveland, Ohio. Libby is the owner and CEO of the House of L, a premier full-service interior design firm. Libby is best known for her fresh take on classic design elements, making spaces that feel comfortable yet unpredictable. Libby’s work has been published in Ohio Magazine, Cleveland Magazine, House Trends Magazine, Lake Erie Living Magazine and Spectacular Homes of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Libby’s eponymous eye for creating warm inviting spaces that are easy to live in has been sought after by a star-studded client list that ranges from business moguls to sports elite, retail market innovators, world-class exhibit developers and renowned industry advisors regularly gracing magazine covers of Bloomberg and the like.

"The Classic White Kitchen Deconstructed"

Regional Award Winner

KDC 2010-12

Q&A with Libby Palmieri

Where do you find design inspiration?

Design insight for me always comes from the unique cultural experiences I have had throughout my life. As a child, I grew up in Europe before moving to the states and I feel this ultimately shaped my creative aesthetic later in life. My upbringing also makes me keenly aware of my settings and I have a sense of appreciation for things that are different and unique. I carry an enormous mental “backpack” and strive to add to it daily because the key to continuous inspiration is discovery.

How do you approach the design process?

I feel that I approach my designs from an architectural view point in that I visualizing a space more outwardly before I start refining the details. It’s like examining something under a large microscope and slowly dialing in to view things more introspectively. I also like to see how far I can push the boundaries that have been set before me. I always feel any space is limitless if it is handled creatively and with an awareness of the goals at hand. Being a good listener and understanding what the client wants are also crucial components of any design project having a successful outcome.

What makes your aesthetic stand out amongst other designers?

I tend to love subtlety when I design, so whether it is a traditional or contemporary space its more about exercising a sense of restraint rather than making a room feel like you are trying too hard. Patterns, colors, textures and styles can be pulled together flawlessly; its knowing when to stop that makes a room feel right and not overdone. I think my intuitiveness sets good boundaries for me. I tend to steer clear of faddish trends. Good design has longevity.

What is the greatest value you provide to your clients?

The House of L client base comment on three things consistently: fluidity in the execution of the project from start to finish, organization and attention to detail and a high level of creativity with which their rooms were approached and completed. As a firm, we continuously strive to meet the highest standards we set for ourselves and the idea of "re-inventing" the wheel is a current that is filtered through us to our clients who in turn recognize our enthusiasm and commitment.