Make-Up Air Damper - 820071

Problème principal :

  • Install make-up air damper
  • Instruction sheet part number 821152
  • Installation instructions for part number 820071
  • Accessory dampers part numbers 821147, 821148
  • Using multiple dampers or fresh air vents
  • Can the make-up air damper be used with an inline blower?
  • Are replacement parts available?

Réponse :

Make-up Air Damper Installation Instructions detail the installation process.

  • Damper kit components are listed on page 2 of the installation instructions.
  • The Wolf automatic make-up air damper provides a pathway for fresh air to enter a home from outdoors when a compatible exhaust device is operating.
  • The make-up air damper can be used with any Wolf ventilation product.
  • The damper is not required if using a recirculating kit.
  • The damper is controlled by a pressure switch and independently powered.
  • It can work with any blower or vent system, including in-line blowers.
  • It is connected to 120V supply, and the transformer installed reduces the power supplied to 24V.
  • The damper opens when a range hood is operating. Creating a known, controlled point for fresh air to enter the home while air is being exhausted from the building by the range hood.
  • When in use, gravity and the exhausted air force the damper open and closed.
  • Consult with an HVAC professional for common make-up air return locations.
  • Dampers provide two key benefits for the home:
    • Facilitates air exchange between indoors and outdoors, by drawing fresh air into the home to replace exhausted air.
    • Helps avoid negative pressure conditions within the home, which may interfere with the proper operation of combustion equipment within the home by drawing in the fresh air.
  • If more than one damper is required to balance a system, 8" or 10" accessory dampers may be purchased.
    • 8" damper, part number 821147
    • 10" damper, part number 821148
  • In a multiple damper application, use one pressure switch and transformer.
  • The factors that determine how much make-up air is needed for a certain blower, and measurements of air through ductwork vary.
  • Consult with an HVAC professional and local building codes to determine make-up air requirements or CFM factors.
  • Wolf does not recommend any type of make-up air heater. The make-up air damper will not start the furnace or air conditioner unit when it opens. Consult an HVAC contractor for more information on this type of product.
  • A Wolf ventilation system can be paired with another manufacturer's make-up air system as long as installation specifications are met.
  • Consult with the manufacturer of the make-up air product for their specific ventilation recommendations.
  • Make-up air systems are independently powered and are not connected to the hood.
  • For further ventilation information, refer to the Wolf Ventilation Guide.

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