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  • Roger Wade DeWeese

    Roger Wade DeWeese

About Roger Wade DeWeese

Roger DeWeese is a registered architect with a Master of Architecture degree from Clemson University and has studied at the Charles E. Daniels Center in Genoa, Italy where his curriculum included research projects and travel throughout Europe. An allied member of the American Institute of Interior Designers, his career spans a diverse range of residential and commercial projects.

His kitchens and baths have been featured in local and regional magazines and have won design excellence awards for their crisp and clean design aesthetic. At Peachtree Architects, Roger is creative director and managing principal of the design studio.

"Jung Residence Kitchen Renovation"

Regional Award Winner

KDC 2010-12

Roger Wade DeWeese Q & A

Where do you find design inspiration?

I subscribe to a number of trade publications and am active in architectural and interior design organizations which keep me connected to what’s going on in our industry as well as what other people are doing. More importantly, I’m an arts patron believing that the freshest ideas come from overlapping experience of the creative fields - where artists are experimenting and reacting to world culture.

How do you approach the design process?

I begin by really listening to my clients as well as becoming familiar with their tastes and lifestyle. Each project is a unique opportunity to capture the spirit of a particular place and family. My architectural training in highly functional spaces ensures that there is good practical space use as well.

What makes your aesthetic stand out amongst other designers?

I tend to strive for a timeless quality to my design work that relies heavily on classic proportions and style. Those principals can be applied to any type of design ranging from modern to traditional to eclectic. I think the most exquisite designs find a balance between exuberance and restraint, masculine and feminine.

What is the greatest value you provide to your clients?

From an “investment” standpoint, I work to make sure that the spaces I create are personal and enjoyable to each specific client, but I am also very conscious of the potential in each feature for broad appeal that may be realized in increased “resale” value. With my years of experience, I’m careful not to follow the latest trend that may be “out of style” in a year or two but I’m happy to incorporate things that I feel will stand the test of time.