As the official showroom of Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove in the Pacific Northwest, Bradlee offers a hands-on experience with professional-grade appliances in a pressure-free setting.  From personalized, private consultations to chef-led demonstrations, Bradlee invites you to explore the true potential for your kitchen, with all senses engaged.

Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove Showroom Seattle by Bradlee Distributors

  • 1400 Elliott Avenue West
  • Seattle, WA 98119



Communiquez avec nous pour poser vos questions

Depuis les vignettes de cuisine inspirantes jusqu'aux démonstrations culinaires en direct, la salle d'exposition Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove Showroom Seattle by Bradlee Distributors vous donne l'attention personnelle dont vous avez besoin pour créer votre cuisine de rêve. Envoyez-nous un courriel ou appelez-nous pour poser vos questions à (206) 284-8400.

Comment pouvons-nous vous aider

Visitez-nous et explorez une gamme complète de produits Sub-Zero, Wolf, et Cove entièrement fonctionnels dans une variété de vignettes de cuisine inspirantes. Choisissez la bonne combinaison d'appareils selon votre style culinaire.



Personal appliance consultation

No pressure – just a relaxed visit with a Sub-Zero, Wolf, et Cove concierge, who will answer all your questions about the design, performance, and features of our appliances. Many customers will come with their designer to make decisions together, and everyone who visits leaves with a real understanding of what products will work best for their lifestyle and space. Since we often spend a few hours with each client, we’d appreciate it if you would make an appointment, so you can have the best possible experience.

  • Get a complete, personalized package quote

    Based on your product preferences, we’ll prepare a detailed quote that you can take to review with your designer, or even bring right to your appliance dealer. Since custom kitchen projects often involve details that can be easy to overlook, we’ll make sure everything required for your installation is accounted for in your quote so you’ll have a fast, trouble-free buying experience.

  • Get connected to local resources

    Designers, contractors, appliance dealers – our Showroom Concierge can connect you with the very best local professionals for your project.

  • Master your new appliances

    Our Use and Care classes for new Sub-Zero, Wolf, et Cove owners will help you get the most out of your new appliance, and maintain it properly. Small group sessions make it easy to get your questions answered and leave ready to take on any meal.

  • See a demonstration by a real live chef

    Do you need six burners, or four burners and a griddle? Should you consider a convection steam oven? You’ll make better appliance choices after you experience a live cooking demonstration by our showroom chef, and see Wolf and Sub-Zero products in action. Best of all, you’ll get to eat the delicious results! Reservations are required as seating is limited.

  • Styles and models for any kitchen

    Not only will you see the widest variety of Sub-Zero, Wolf, et Cove products in live kitchen settings, but you’ll see them displayed in a variety of applications and kitchen styles too – everything you need to get ideas for your new kitchen.

  • “Test drive” a Sub-Zero or Wolf

    And we mean, test drive – many of the appliances on display in our showrooms really work! More than just lights and dials, you can turn on a gas cooktop and see our patented dual-stacked, sealed burners in action, or grab an oven mitt and slide in a few trays of cookies into a dual fuel range or wall oven. Experience the instantaneous response of an induction cooktop, or open and close a Sub-Zero refrigerator and feel the sturdiness of its magnetic door seal in action. (Grab a cold drink while you’re at it.) There’s no better way to experience how a Wolf or Sub-Zero can make life better in your kitchen.

  • a-personal-concierge

    Lorsque les clients entrent dans notre salle d'exposition, souvent, ils ne savent pas exactement ce qu'ils recherchent, où encore, ils ne connaissent tout simplement pas toutes les options offertes par Sub-Zero, Wolf, et Cove.

    Dans mon rôle de conseiller de salle d'exposition, je sais écouter les besoins des clients et les orienter dans la bonne direction.

    Vanessa Henning

    Showroom Manager and Trade Representative


Il n'y a pas de cours ou d'évènements durant le mois choisi.

Nos salles d'exposition Sub-Zero, Wolf, et Cove officielles offrent des démonstrations culinaires et des cours d'apprentissage régulièrement. Aucun évènement n'est prévu dans votre région pour le moment, mais de nouveaux cours sont ajoutés à l'horaire régulièrement. Communiquez avec la salle d'exposition pour obtenir des renseignements au sujet des occasions d'apprentissage pratique à venir ou pour fixer un rendez-vous privé gratuit pour une consultation d'appareil.




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