30" Designer Over-and-Under Refrigerator - Panel Ready



How often have you wished for a larger refrigerator? Weekly? Daily? We invite you to think modular and solve your food storage problems once and for all. The Sub-Zero Designer 30” All Refrigerator Column delivers an impressive 16.4 cu. ft. of well-organized refrigerator storage in its upper cabinet and two drawers below – likely at least 50% more than you have now. Pair it with an all-freezer unit, and you’ll have flavorful food on hand no matter how large your family or how often you entertain.

Rest assured it will stay fresher longer, thanks to the DET3050R’s advanced food preservation features. NASA-inspired air purification scrubs the air of ethylene gas that hastens food spoilage, and also reduces odors by removing bacteria, mold and viruses. A magnetic door seal system locks in cold, while a state-of-the-art micro-processor precisely controls temperatures. Crisper and deli drawers form a lower-temperature zone ideal for produce and meat. As with all designer models, it can be fitted with stainless steel panels or custom cabinetry panels to virtually disappear into your décor. less

Product Features

  • Split Climate™ Intelligent Cooling System

    Split Climate™ intelligent cooling system revolutionizes Sub-Zero’s already-superior preservation capabilities, keeping food even fresher for longer
  • Sleek Stainless Accents

    Sleek stainless accents trim the interior, matching the sophistication of the exterior
  • Night Mode

    Night Mode optimizes the interior lighting based on the detected ambient light, reducing the brightness by 90% in dim environments
  • Adjustable Door Shelves

    Position adjustable door shelves at various heights to accommodate assorted items
  • Easily Accessible NASA-Inspired Air Purification System

    The easily accessible NASA-inspired air purification system scrubs the air of ethylene and odor every 20 minutes
  • Industry-Leading Warranty

    Sub-Zero offers an industry-leading full two-year warranty on appliances, along with a full five-year sealed system warranty and a limited twelve-year sealed system warranty
  • ClearSight™ LED Lighting

    ClearSight™ LED lighting system fully illuminates the interior and reduces shadows
  • Easily Customize Settings

    Easily customize settings—from lighting to humidity—with the tap of a finger via the conveniently accessible touch control panel
  • Flip-Up Dairy Compartment

    Lift the base of the flip-up dairy compartments to store taller items on the shelf below
  • Nano Coating

    Nano coating lines the perimeter of each glass shelf to create a hydrophobic barrier that helps contain spills
  • Wi-Fi Enabled Features

    Wi-Fi enabled features provide remote access from your mobile device
  • Accepts Custom Panels

    Accepts custom panels for an integrated look within cabinetry or stainless-steel accessory panels and handles to match other Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove products

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