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Coombe Rise

Regional Award Winner KDC 2010-12

Le premier défi était l'aménagement de l'espace—Le plan original de la maison avait des entrées de porte restreintes et de nombreuses petites pièces—Nous avons ouvert la zone et ajouté un jardin d'hiver en verre à l'arrière. L'entrée simplifiée de la salle de porcelaine a permis de créer un flux net entre la cuisine principale et le magasin de verre et de vaisselle de la cuisine principale.

The addition to this character period property of the glass cube conservatory was planned to increase the light and feel of the room as well as marry the two styles of classic and contemporary. The scale of the property worked well with the handsome proportions of the Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove appliances - coupled with the classic nature of the shaker style kitchen furniture - we felt that a handle-less detail was perfect marriage of styles - still a traditional concept but a touch of modernity. The soft, elegant tones chosen for the paint finish created a chic and timeless kitchen. The emphasis was to still keep the kitchen as somewhere the whole family could eat and relax - the generous table perfect for entertaining with stunning views looking out on the surrey countryside. Elegant lighting in hand crafted white glass pendant lamps over island kept the contemporary feel - plinth lighting added a soft and welcoming feel as night draws in.

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