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Misty Blue

Regional Award Winner KDC 2010-12

Le véritable défi de cette rénovation de cuisine résidait dans la superficie. L'espace existant était peu pratique et décousu. La liste des besoins était vaste. Comment utiliser au mieux la surface existante? Comment relier les espaces tout en les séparant suffisamment pour des raisons pratiques?

Mrs. was all about functionality, as a mother of a growing family should be. She desired her own working space where meal preparation could happen without interruption from family & guests. Essentially, she wanted a kitchen within a kitchen. The clean-up, breakfast, and reheating zone was to be separate. Mr. was very involved, but mostly wanted to make sure the new space was beautiful, yet classic. The clients chose the unconventional design utilizing two islands. We removed the existing walk in pantry to allow room for one island and eliminating the breakfast table to allow room for the other. Wow! A wonderful sitting/reading areas was added to soften the atmosphere. The styling was transitional. The pallet with warm walnut tones juxtaposed against white, smoky blue, and glittery nickel was quickly approved.

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