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Sub-Zero 700TCI refrigerator in South Coast Residence by David Selden.

South Coast Residence

2017-2018 KDC Finalist

Dans une ville minière côtière au sud de Sydney, une maison historique de style victorien appartenant à un maître d'école’ est nichée à flanc de colline et surplombe l'océan. Protégée par les falaises abruptes d'un parc national voisin, la South Coast Residence, classée au patrimoine, avait besoin d'une rénovation réfléchie pour répondre aux souhaits modernes de son propriétaire.

The owner selected designer David Selden to renovate the entire home, incorporate meaningful additions, and create a functional, spatially connected kitchen where the owner could entertain. The result was a kitchen that seamlessly integrated the significance of the original structure, the idyllic natural landscape, and the client’s appreciation of contemporary design. Selden truly positioned the kitchen as the heart of the home, gracefully connecting it to all of the living spaces and natural beauty beyond: through the living room to an ocean vista, past the light-infused dining room to panoramic views of the lush nature reserve, and through the original kitchen windows to the western deck, picking garden, and escarpment. Connection—to others and to nature—is integral to the cottage’s tranquil atmosphere.

Sub-Zero 700TCI refrigerator in South Coast Residence by David Selden.
Outdoor view from the South Coast Residence by David Selden.
Looking into the South Coast Residence kitchen by David Selden.
Wolf 30" Dual Fuel in South Coast Residence by David Selden.
Contemporary South Coast Residence by David Selden Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove Kitchen Design Contest.

Despite the modest size of the kitchen, Selden created a space that accommodates both special and day-to-day requirements. The Sub-Zero refrigerator provides ample capacity while remaining relatively narrow and meets the high standard of performance that the owner required for the fresh produce carefully cultivated from the garden. The natural and unadorned materials subtly mix with the cottage’s original palette and form, elevating the space with a touch of modernity. The polished concrete kitchen

floor reflects the stainless-steel joinery, and the elegant basaltina island provides generous preparation space. As a tranquil getaway, the South Coast Residence lacks nothing. Inspiring design, functionality, communal warmth, and natural beauty interact harmoniously. Selden’s design celebrates the cottage’s history, and yet opens the door to a new life as a contemporary weekend retreat.

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