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The Smith Residence

Regional Award Winner KDC 2010-12

Ce projet a été conçu pour un couple d'inventeurs et d'ingénieurs. Ils disposaient d'un réfrigérateur Sub-Zero d'origine de plus de 20 ans qui fonctionnait encore parfaitement. Cet appareil Sub-Zero a défini la norme qu'ils souhaitaient : "Beau, fonctionnel et construit pour durer au moins 30 ans".

"We decided that the wall where the cooking would happen (“the fire wall”) would be a modern riff on the idea of a giant cooking hearths found in great chateaus. Wolf stoves and ovens was the only brand that met our high design and technology standards. The Bronze hood was custom designed by us. For added warmth, we chose a bookmatched walnut veneer with Nanz bronze hardware. They wanted to display their collectables yet hide the everyday messes that come with living with kids. We gave them floating display shelves for their collectables and designed an "appliance garage" to hide the tools of everyday living. The custom island in the center a huge 8' cantilever in granite. This is the center where everything happens. They have built legos, done myriads of science projects with their kids and yet, with the right chandelier dimmed down – it works beautifully as an elegant spot to entertain and host an elegant event."

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