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Mark Stumer

Mark  Stumer

Mojo Stumer Associates

    • Mark D. Stumer, AlA, is one of the founding principals at Mojo Stumer Associates Architects (MSA). His expertise in architectural design, interiors and project management has enabled MSA to develop into the organization it is today. Mr. Stumer sees architecture as an entire design process where the architectural design does not end with a building form, but must include the function and aesthetics of the interiors for the project to be complete. His responsibility at MSA leans towards design development and interior design, along with the responsibilities of marketing, social networking, public relations and firm management.

      Q&A with Mark Stumer

      Where do you find design inspiration?
      From past living experience and talent.

      How do you approach the design process?
      From a deductive approach, developing a functional plan first and having the elevations grow from that plan.

      How does your aesthetic stand out amongst other designers/architects?
      We have a very pure and modern aesthetic that we combine with soft and functional interiors. We call it "Modernism with Soul".

      What is the greatest value you provide your client?
      That we do both Interiors and Architecture.

      What is your biggest challenge as a designer/architect?
      Finding quality contractors to execute our work.

      What does the Sub-Zero and Wolf Kitchen Design Contest mean to you?
      The opportunity to display our work to a larger viewing audience and compete against our peers.

      What are some of the current design trends?
      We think Modernism is back in a big way!!!

      Where do you see kitchen design going in the next 5 years?
      Being modern and functional, not decorative.

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