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Arizona Organic

Regional Award Winner KDC 2013-14

How do you design a kitchen that suits not only its resident family, but the whole neighborhood? The couple who commissioned this stunning contemporary kitchen in Scottsdale, Arizona live in a great, active neighborhood, and have a very lively young son – which means kids going in and out, in and out, almost endlessly. They wanted a highly functional modern kitchen that flowed to the outside and stood up to grubby, grabby little hands. But also had organic, natural elements that they’d seen and admired at a tropical resort where they’ve vacationed.

The kitchen highlights authentic natural touches like natural veining in the white marble backsplash, and the inherent grooves in the oak island. Contrasting with those natural elements are stainless steel Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove appliances and sleek oak cabinets. The designers sourced materials that achieved the natural look the homeowners wanted, but also tested durable – a dark oak for the kitchen island that wouldn’t show scuff marks, an easily wipe-able lacquer finish for the perimeter cabinetry. To enhance the inside/outside connection, the kitchen is located at the center of the house, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows and retractable doors. It almost invites the sun and stars inside. Clean, modern, with an organic twist. It’s not the kind of kitchen you typically see in Arizona, which often leans toward heavier, Tuscan kitchens. But it’s a standout that perfectly suits the needs of its active family and neighborhood.


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