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Regional Award Winner KDC 2013-14

Sometimes just a single design detail can make a kitchen so memorable, it lingers in your mind for days. You wonder what inspired it, and even consider the nature of creativity itself.

In this minimalist Guadalajara kitchen, it is the floating table, which seems to defy not only convention, but gravity as well. It is earthy, rustic in a kitchen that is modern, a focal point that is also functional, providing casual dining and a garden view for its homeowners. “The wow factor,” one Kitchen Design Contest judge calls it.

The other distinguishing feature of this kitchen is its lack of “kitchen-ness.” The homeowners wanted a space that integrated almost seamlessly into the living room and dining room. So the designer chose glass cabinets, for a more stylish look, built Sub-Zero refrigeration into sleek wood cabinetry, and a Wolf gas range into the island, with discreet downdraft ventilation instead of an island hood. Behind the door to the left of the sink is a second sink, where much of the dishwashing can be done without disturbing the flow and feel of the kitchen.

Yet modern and minimal as this kitchen is, it still has an extraordinary and unique warmth, due to the thoughtful combination of natural and contemporary materials. “Unique and imaginative,” commented a KDC judge, and so it is.

With a table that we’ll remember for as long as there is a Kitchen Design Contest.


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