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  • Peter Theodore

    Peter Theodore

About Peter Theodore

Peter Theodore has worked in the Chicagoland area and throughout the United States for the past thirty years. As President of Camburas & Theodore Ltd., Peter's work includes the design and development of retail architecture, residential, institutional and urban design projects. Nationally the firm represents several Fortune 500 and Fortune 200 Companies and specializes in Commercial Retail Architecture. Peter received extensive background education on urban planning and the impact of retail development on communities while attending the University of Miami. Peter has served as Chairman of Architectural Review for the City of Des Plaines, served as an expert witness for the State of Illinois, Guest Speaker at DePaul University, and Guest Presenter on design guidelines for several municipalities. He actively donates time and resources to communities in assisting their redevelopment. Numerous projects under his leadership have been reviewed and published by major publications. Multiple LEED building designs and certifications have been completed under his leadership.


Regional Award Winner

KDC 2013-14

Q&A with Peter Theodore

Where do you find design inspiration?

My design ideas are influenced by the excitement of transforming a space into an enriching environment -- both in the spiritual and physical sense. Knowing that the positive influence of great design improves the quality of life for the user - that those influences are carried forward, that a quality design can create an experience to motivate us to return and rejoice in its glory - this awareness inspires my design.

How does your aesthetic stand out amongst other designers/architects?

My aesthetic is not about superficial trends, but rather, design that is timeless and built using quality craftsmanship. My aesthetic is solid, lasting and sincere.

What is the great asset you provide your client?

I seek to create a masterpiece that is one-of-a-kind. I work to create designs that are tailored to the individual client needs with a nod to originality and uniqueness. My approach is always customized according to the clients' goals and needs.

What is your biggest challenge as a designer/architect?

My biggest challenge is growing a client base that will allow me to exercise my creativity and desire to introduce quality design that is fresh, yet timeless. Helping clients overcome preconceived fears or their expectations of design is another challenge. My objective is to help them overlook their mind's eye, which often has been tainted by prior exposure to poor design, so that they can open their minds to a new design vision.

What does the Sub-Zero and Wolf Kitchen Design Contest mean to you?

It means that against my peers and some of the most creative people in the industry, my design can be measured, understood and appreciated. Being part of an elite group that strives to create works of art while creating environments that function as well as they look, is an honor and privilege for which I am thankful.

What are some of the current design trends?

I view some of the current design trends to include contemporary, sleek designs with a minimalistic approach to cabinetry and appliances. I witness a seamless transition between furniture and appliances. Also, I see the incorporation of seating, cooking, dining and interaction of multiple functions in a single source.