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24" M Series Contemporary Stainless Steel Handleless Convection Steam Oven

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Technical Specifications
Dimensions 23 1/2"W x 17 7/8"H x 22 1/2"D
Door Clearance 14 3/16"
Weight 91 lbs
Model Options
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Electrical Requirements
Electrical Supply 240/208 VAC, 60 Hz
Electrical Service 20 amp dedicated circuit

Electrical Location Illustration

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Master the modes

Wolf ovens are precisely engineered with chef-tested modes that, once mastered, practically guarantee delicious results. Using the tabs below, learn how each unique mode works and when to use them. Would you like to know more? Download this oven's Technique Guide for additional information, techniques, and recipes.

Steam Mode provides a gentle, efficient cooking method for preparing a variety of foods. It provides precise temperature control, from 90 to 210°F, enabling sous vide preparation. Steam cooking is relatively healthy too, as it does not require any additional oil or fat to cook, and nutrients are not expelled and lost as they would in boiling water.

  • Preheat is unnecessary
  • Enables sous vide preparation with its precise temperature control from 90 to 210°F
  • Temperature probe may be used
  • Ideal for cooking vegetables and rice, hard-boiling eggs, steam-baking custards, and soft-poaching fish, eggs, and fruit

Circulating, warm, dry air cooks a wide range of foods 25% faster than a non-convection oven. It works by circulating hot air throughout the cavity and venting out excess moisture. This mode works well for food that does not benefit from the addition of steam. It minimizes hot and cool spots, enables multi-rack cooking (no rotating of pans required), and improves the flavour of your food with increased, all-over browning.

  • Dry cooking mode—no steam
  • Multi-rack cooking
  • Food cooks more evenly and quickly
  • Temperature probe may be used
  • Best “all-around” mode when you are unsure of what mode to use

Convection Steam Mode is this oven’s signature mode. It combines steam with warm, circulating air. While the steam keeps food moist, convection heat evenly browns and crisps it just right. The oven’s intelligent controls provide steam at precise moments and automatically adjusts the temperature as needed.

  • Crispy and evenly browned on the outside, juicy on the inside
  • Best for preparing foods at temperatures between 180 to 440°F
  • Multi-rack cooking
  • Temperature probe may be used
  • Ideal for a wide range of recipes, including roasts, casseroles, panko-crusted dishes, and cheesecakes

Convection Humid Mode retains food’s natural moisture to create a humid cooking environment. The oven’s ventilation is sealed so moisture does not escape, and warm, circulating air cooks the food.

  • Multi-rack cooking
  • Temperature probe may be used
  • Ideal for lasagna, casseroles, meatloaves, muffins, and quick breads

Use this mode to reinvigorate leftovers, thus reducing food waste and stretching that special meal a little further. Reheat Mode uses a combination of convection heat and steam to gently rehydrate food. Place an entire meal—like last night’s chicken, broccoli, and rice—all on the same plate, and then get ready to enjoy in less than 10 minutes.

  • Reheat entire plates of food
  • Preheat is unnecessary
  • Use oven-safe cookware
  • Opt for Convection Steam Mode when reheating large amounts of food
  • Reheat pizza using Convection Steam Mode, preheated to 355°F
  • Temperature probe may be used

No guesswork here. Simply place your desired dish into the Convection Steam Oven, select the type of food from the intuitive menu, and the oven does the rest. Gourmet tells you the proper rack position, sets the cooking mode, and adjusts the temperature automatically for reliable, delicious results.

  • Prepare a variety of foods using the intuitive menu of chef-tested programs
  • Temperature probe cannot be used

More cooking modes offer specialized cooking environments—and functionality beyond the kitchen.

RECIPES: Store individual cooking modes and temperatures or cooking sequences to prepare custom foods. Up to 24 different user recipes can be stored in the system for easy access.

MORE GOURMET: Access additional Gourmet items to prepare specified foods; fresh, refrigerated, or frozen. Select the food and desired doneness and the sensor adjusts time, temperature, and humidity so no instructions are required. The preset temperature and range are dependent on the food and desired doneness.

AUTO STEAM BAKE: By heating with steam first, then using convection heat to finish baking, baked goods acquire a tender interior and an exterior with natural shine, without the need for an egg wash. Use for breads, buns, cakes, and pastries whether fresh, parbaked, or frozen. Do not preheat.

SLOW ROAST: Keep meats tender by slow roasting. Insert the temperature probe into the prepared meat, select the desired Slow Roast setting and completion time, and the oven takes care of the rest.

AUTO REHEAT: Reheat uses steam and hot air to gently rehydrate food. Use to reheat any food you would have reheated in the oven, range, or microwave.

SPA: Spa uses combinations of gentle convection and steam heat to warm towels, wraps, or stones for use in massages or relaxation.

SANITIZE: Sanitize uses steam to clean baby bottles and canning jars and is faster and safer than conventional methods.

KEEP WARM: Keep Warm uses a combination of convection and steam heat to keep food warm.

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