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Wolf Gas Cooktops

Gas Cooktops

Precise gas-cooking performance in diverse styles

Wolf's dual-stacked, sealed burners offer precise high-to-low control for gentle simmers and high-powered sears—and everything in between. In contemporary, transitional, and professional styles, and from 15-inch to 36-inch widths, Wolf gas cooktops come in a range of styles and sizes to fit your personal taste.

Why Wolf?

 Precise Dual-Stacked Sealed Burners

Precise Dual-Stacked Sealed Burners

Maximum heat is delivered by the upper tier burner for more rapid boils and hotter sears. The low flame on the lower tier burner eliminates the need for a double boiler completely, and keeps even delicate sauces warm without fear of scorching or separating.

Simmer and melt with complete confidence

Simmer and Melt with Complete Confidence

The lower tier of the Wolf dual-stacked burner lets you enjoy a range of almost unheard of precision control. Melt fine chocolate without separation, reduce sauces without scorching, or keep soups at an ideal, gentle bubble for hours.

Spark ignition system for each burner

Spark Ignition System for Each Burner

Ensure safer cooking as each burner has a sensor to detect if a flame has gone out. If so, it automatically re-ignites, maintaining temperature control.

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For a striking, integrated look, control knobs mount to the front cabinet panel. Dual-stacked, sealed burners offer precise high-to-low control. Available in a 36-inch width.

Gas Cooktops


Signature red control knobs and precise dual-stacked, sealed burners provide a bold, professional look. Available in 30-inch or 36-inch widths.



Brushed stainless control knobs topped in black against an all-glass control panel offer a sleek look. Dual-stacked, sealed burners offer precise high-to-low control. Available in 15, 24, 30, and 36-inch widths.

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