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Wolf 30" Warming Drawer (WWD30)

Warming Drawers

Serve each dish at its proper temperature with Wolf Warming Drawers. Engineered to preserve food temperature and quality without compromising flavor or consistency, Wolf Warming Drawers ensure delicious results for your guests, no matter when they arrive to your table.


The Wolf Warming Drawer is a surprisingly versatile kitchen tool. With superior air and temperature control, it not only assures everyone has a warm meal, it can heat plates and cups, and even towels. Home spa, anyone?
Wolf 30" Warming Drawer (WWD30) open holding an entrée and several sides containers
Two Wolf 30" Warming Drawers stacked and holding dishes
Wolf 30" Warming Drawer used in bathroom to keep robes and towels warm and cozy

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View all Wolf Warming Drawer products in award-winning kitchens and homes of all styles and sizes.
See Wolf Warming Drawers in award-winning kitchens and homes of all styles and sizes.

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