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  • Courtney Lawrence Ziething

    Courtney Lawrence Ziething

About Courtney Lawrence Ziething

Design was Courtney Ziething’s destiny. Her father was a successful real estate developer and her mother an interior designer. She established her own firm in 1987, and eventually hired three assistants to aid in the execution of projects and service clients with the highest level of service. C.C. and Company is based in Newport Beach, California where she was born and raised. She draws and designs every interior architectural detail of each room, as well as specifying every material used throughout. Once designed, she works very closely with the client to furnish and accessorize the home. Completed projects have been featured in various publications including California Homes and Luxe magazines.

"Desert Retreat"

Regional Award Winner

KDC 2013-14

2nd Place Traditional Award Winner

KDC 2013-14

Designer's Choice Award Winner

KDC 2013-14

"Canyon Creek"

Regional Award Winner

KDC 2010-12

Q&A with Courtney Lawrence Ziething

Where do you find design inspiration?

I take design inspiration from my surroundings every day! Mostly from nature and the people that surround me.

How do you approach the design process?

I take a piece of inspiration from the client and push the envelope to a place they would have never gone without me.

What makes your aesthetic stand out amongst other designers?

Using a strong juxtaposition of materials, starting with clean crisp designs, materials and adding textured organic materials.

What is the greatest value you provide to your clients?

My strong passion for design and the love of fulfilling my clients dreams for beautifully designed spaces.